The Essence of Bujutu Karate, Kata.

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The Essence of Bujutu Karate, Kata.

Kenji Ushiro sensei explores the deep meaning of five Shindo-ryu kata and the wisdom and experience they represent. Discussions of one's psychological state, the essential role of breathing, and the concept of "zero power" in martial arts are presented.
Step-by-step photo sequences with complete explanations depict the execution of the kata, variations and applied techniques.
This book is in bilingual, Japanese-English format for international distribution.

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【Ⅰ】 The Wisdom and Experience of Bujutsu Karate
The Wisdom of Traditional Okinawan Bujutsu Karate/Karate of harmony and unification / Bujutsu Karate and Practical Experience / Victory or defeat in martial arts / Progress in martial arts / Ogi and Okuden / The Shindo-ryu Karate system based on wisdom and experience

Basic practice of Shindo-ryu Karate
Basics / Ten no kata / Chi no kata / Bunkai Kumite

【Ⅱ】 Kata : the origin of bujutsu karate
What are kata? / Mental state when learning the kata / Understanding attained through the mastery of kata/ Important points for the mastery of kata / What is Bunkai Kumite? / Unification of outer and inner form / From kata to forms and techniques / Variations and applications based on kata / Stances to block your opponent’s second attack (consecutive attacks) / Growth, change, perception/ Kata: means to continuous progress

Examples of Henka Oyo Kumite based on the kata
Sanchin Kata
Naifanchin Kata
Passai Kata
Kusanku Kata
Seisan kata

【Ⅲ】 The Essence of Bujutsu: Zero Power
Zero power / Three kinds of Zero powers / Neutralization of your opponent as well as yourself / Neutralization of an opponent / Tsuki of Okinawan karate: Ateha and Irikomi / Generating zero power / Parts and whole / Three stages and feedback / Levels of technique / Adaptation of kata into forms / Neutralization process

Wisdom of Kokyu / Abdominal power - back power / Mastering kokyu / Existence from nonexistence, nonexistence from existence / Kokyu in kumite

(B5 224pages)

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